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'''Martin Stääf''' (born 13 November 1978), aka '''Liquid Stranger''', is a Sweden|Swedish-born electronic musician, described by Generation Bass as "the epitome of Transnational Dubstep covering everything from Latin American music|Latin, Music of Asia|Asian, Eastern European and Music of Jamaica|Jamaican Dancehall dubs." Martin Stääf is known for his experimental approach to composition where he merges genres to create a unique style of music. Martin Woods of Chillbase describes Liquid Stranger's music as a "unique blend of Ambient music|Ambience, Big Band Jazz, Dubstep and Psychedelic music|Psychedelica drizzled over electronic Dub music|Dub Reggae grooves." Stääf lives in Scottsdale, Arizona|Scottsdale, Arizona.
Birth nameMartin Stääf
AliasBloatsucher, Hectopascal, Necton, Rhoca, Plantman, Slugger
Birth date{{Birth date and age|df=yes|1978|11|13}}{{Clear}}
Death date| origin = Varberg, Sweden
InstrumentPiano, electronics, computer, softsynth, drum machine, synthesizer, percussion
GenreDowntempo, dubstep, brostep, drum and bass, Dub music|dub
OccupationDisc jockey, musician, songwriter, producer, remixer, studio engineer
LabelInterchill|Interchill Records, Kahvi|Kahvi Collective, Spirit Zone Recordings, Candy Mind records, Subnatura, Monotonik, Adversion Recordings, Six Degrees, Bleep Street, Escapi, Flexible, Sonic Walker, System Recordings, Amenorea, Rottun Recordings
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